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Book of Mormon
The Purpose of the Presentation

   A Faith Promoting, Educational & Spiritual presentation of the Realities of the Book of Mormon, presented in a way that the Youth, & Young Single Adults and Adults can see and understand the tremendous amount of New and Recent Information, which lends significant support to the reality of the Book of Mormon.
The focus is the purpose of the Book of  Mormon; this presentation will also help all in attendance understand that the witness of the Holy Ghost is the most powerful witness that Heavenly Father could give us to know that:
1.    That Jesus is the Son of God, the Savior of the World.
2.    The Book of Mormon is True, Sacred Scripture.
3.    Joseph Smith is a true latter-day Prophet and Seer.
The Presentation includes information cited from (LDS and Non-LDS) Experts, Scholars, Archaeologists and Prophets as well the information relates perfectly with numerous Book of Mormon passages, doctrine, and scripture.
The single greatest Conversion and Retention tool that God has given us is the Book of Mormon to help us know that this is His Restored Gospel.
98% of attendee's comment cards tell us that the presentation strengthened their faith and left them with a strong desire to read or re-read the Book of Mormon.
Most Sincerely,
Brother Scott
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